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I’m a sophomore at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY. I major in Business Management and minor in Political Science. I aim to be a lawyer and work for the United Nations. I love pasta, fashion, cheerleading and traveling.


I’m a senior at New York University in New York, New York. I am pursuing a double major in Economics and Computer Science as well as a minor in Mathematics. I am passionate about mental health awareness as well as using data analytics to improve others’ lives.


I am a junior at Baruch College. I am majoring in biological sciences with a double minor in NYC Studies and Computer Information Systems. I aspire to go to med school and become a doctor one day. I really enjoy performing different dance forms and traveling to new countries.


I’m a junior at Baruch College in New York, New York. I major in communications and double minor in political science and theater. I aim to serve in the public sector as a lawyer. I’m most passionate about social injustice, human rights, and the immigrant community.

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