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MedicalBx Specialized Hospital will allow primary health care to be prioritized to strengthen prevention and bring health services closer to the population. MedicalBx will significantly improve care capacity at health centers so that no Peruvian family is left without medical coverage.

By prioritizing the care of Peruvians, the MedicalBx Specialized-Hospital pursues health equity and health justice for the nation’s underserved and marginalized populations. In an equitable healthcare system, every person has the same opportunity to achieve full health. Medical resources are often concentrated in urban centers, leaving rural communities to suffer the disproportionate impacts of disease and chronic health conditions. These health disparities between cities and towns are not incidental. Instead, they are the product of fundamental social inequalities that disadvantage rural populations.

The MedicalBx Specialized-Hospital is tailored to support Peru in reforming its healthcare system to achieve just and equitable health outcomes for its most vulnerable and as important citizens.

The key to the MedicalBx SpecializedHospital’s success is in the prefabrication, coordination and expertise in public health, design, virtual healthcare, development and construction. The MedicalBx team coordinates with national and local authorities to provide a turn-key solution to healthcare throughout the world. The clinics would arrive at the hospital site nearly complete with their equipment, counters, cabinetry, and bathrooms already or nearly already installed.

How it works

Rapid Deployment

Given that the units would be prefabricated and readily transportable, a hospital could be set up in 2-3days.


Owing to the high quality of its materials, the MedicalBx Specialized-Hospital would offer a long-term health equity solution. The composite panels will not rust, rot, mold, mildew, or decay. Completely man-made, the units would not be prone to infestation by insects or rodents and could last for decades.


Due to their compact size, SpecializedHospitals would be less land, energy, and resource-intensive than bigger hospitals. They also offer the possibility of conversion to solar power to make the clinic self-sustaining.


Over time, hospitals could swap out or add to the equipment in the medical suites to meet their changing needs.


Specifically designed for telemedicine, for remote specialized care from top medical doctors and experts around the country (and the world). (e.g., Mother And Child Care, Neoplastic Care, Infectious Disease, Cardiac Care, Allergy and Immunology, Dermatology, Neurology, Mental Health and Diabetic Care) like a box out.